Name: Fungi Bartl.
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This Name has special significance in Mushroom Observer (in addition to being the name of a Kingdom):

  • It is the default identification for new Observations; if the user leaves the “What” field blank when creating a new Observation, MO will use “Fungi” (without creating a Name Proposal).
  • It is considered a request for identification. See Imageless. Other users can then create Proposed Names, and MO (using a complicated algorithm) will select a crowd-sourced determination.

These notes come from “Toothed crust” when it was merged with this name:

A recording aggregate name / non-phyletic designation for toothed resupinate/crust fungi.
Intended to be more useful by acknowledging macromorphology without requiring explicit reference to evolutionary lineage.

These notes come from Imageless when it was merged with this name:

This name is designed to set aside those observations which the MO community can be reasonably certain were submitted for the purposes of obtaining an identification but are not accompanied by any images, either intentionally or due to user error. This essentially applies to four kinds of observations:

1. Any observation without images whose owner has, at the time of review, proposed no name of his/her own, preferring instead the default Fungi sp. heading. This is considered a request for an ID, and one unlikely to ever be filled in the absence of photography.

2. Any observation without images whose lone “I’d Call it That” vote by its observer does not exceed an 80% confidence level (lower or higher depending on their contirbution level) and lacks images. This is presumed to be a record whose identification cannot be considered certain due the user’s newness to the site 1.

3. Any observation without images in which the observer’s voting confidence level is beneath “I’d Call it That,” which speaks to doubts in the mind(s) of the observer, doubts which cannot be explored or debated on without photographs or additional details.2

4. Any observation without images of any confidence level which constitutes a record too obscure/important/outrageous to be taken on the faith of the uploader without corroborating imagery or notes.

If at any point images are uploaded to observations named Imageless, the proposer is expected to destroy (or, if unable, simply vote down) the Imageless name proposal.

Imageless observations to which this name should not apply includes records from forays, species lists, etc. which may not have corresponding photography but serve a valuable purpose for the owner or site at large. If asked for photography, owners of these observations will typically respond promptly with their reasoning for having none.

Note that imageless observations will not show up on name pages. But they can show up on maps and observation searches.

Please remember: Images are not a prerequisite for posting.

1 This excludes mycologists and identifiers known to the MO community to be sufficiently “expert” in their determinations, but whose contributor stats are low enough to otherwise fall into this category.

2 Increasing an imageless observation’s confidence level to “I’d Call It That” after its creation with the intent to render it exempt from this clause is still Imageless.

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According to MO concept of synonyms,
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-06-07 05:43:43 AEST (+1000)

Fungi is the synonym for all the MO observatiopn names and beyond. Except the name “Fungi”, I guess, where I would call it a homonym.

Public descriptions must be writable by the general public.
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-04-09 11:50:47 AEST (+1000)

How do you call descriptions that are not writable by general public?

That’s the water on Adolf’s mill
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-04-09 11:40:55 AEST (+1000)

Deprecate the deprecation! A.C. Patella

Good job
By: Byrain
2016-04-04 04:43:18 AEST (+1000)

Deprecating Fungi Bartl….

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