Name: Heterobasidion occidentale Otrosina & Garbel.
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Name: Heterobasidion occidentale
Author: Otrosina & Garbel.
Citation: Fungal Biology (Oxford) 114(1): 20 (2010)
Deprecated Synonym(s): Heterbasidion occidentale
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Two conks in the West
By: Darvin DeShazer (darv)
2014-10-26 23:47:26 EDT (-0400)

Heterobasidion irregulare the ‘P’ (Pine) type) can kill ponderosa pine, Jeffrey pine, sugar pine, Coulter pine, incense-cedar, western juniper, and pinyon pine; Fruits inside of stumps; popcorns on roots; All of North America

Heterobasidion occidentale the ‘S’ (Spruce/fir) type) can kill true firs, hemlock, Douglas-fir, and giant sequoia. Western North America.

Pine stumps can have either species, but H. occidentale is only found under the intact surface bark of pine stumps. A fruiting body on pine is H. irregulare.

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