Name: Polyporus squamosus (Huds.) Fr.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Polyporus squamosus

Author: (Huds.) Fr.

Citation: Syst. mycol. (Lundae) 1: 343 (1821)

Synonym(s): Cerioporus squamosus (Huds.) Quél.

Deprecated Synonyms: Boletus squamosus Huds., Polyporellus squamosus (Huds.) P. Karst., Melanopus squamosus (Huds.) Pat., Favolus squamosus (Huds.) Ames, Bresadolia squamosa (Huds.) Teixeira, Boletus juglandis Schaeff., Polyporus juglandis (Schaeff.) Pers., Boletus cellulosus Lightf., Boletus rangiferinus Bolton, Boletus polymorphus Bull., Polyporus squamosus var. polymorphus (Bull.) P.W. Graff, Polyporus ulmi Paulet, Agarico-pulpa ulmi Paulet, Boletus maximus Schumach., Polyporus michelii Fr., Boletus michelii (Fr.) Pollini, Cerioporus michelii (Fr.) Quél., Polyporus squamosus f. michelii (Fr.) Bondartsev, Polyporus flabelliformis Pers., Polyporus dissectus Letell., Polyporus rostkowii Fr., Polyporellus rostkovii (Fr.) P. Karst., Cerioporus rostkowii (Fr.) Quél., Polyporellus squamosus f. rostkovii (Fr.) Pilát, Polyporellus squamosus f. rostkowii (Fr.) Pilát, Polyporus squamosus f. rostkowii (Fr.) Bondartsev, Polyporus squamosus f. rostkovii (Fr.) Bondartsev, Polyporus infundibuliformis Rostk., Polyporus pallidus Schulzer, Polyporus alpinus Saut., Bresadolia paradoxa Speg., Trametes retirugis Bres., Polyporus retirugis (Bres.) Ryvarden, Polyporus caudicinus Murrill, Bresadolia caucasica Shestunov, Polyporus squamatus Lloyd, Polyporellus squamatus (Lloyd) Pilát, Polyporus squamosus var. maculatus Velen., Polyporus westii Murrill

Misspellings: Cerioporus sqamous

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Thanks Adolf
By: Erlon (Herbert Baker)
2017-09-18 19:49:12 PDT (-0700)

However, there is no mention of the genus Cerioporus in the Ginns paper you have linked, so I’m not sure how it applies here. It appears to be a broad overview only, based on outdated references. It doesn’t qualify as evidence, even if your name is in the acknowledgements.

Evidence to support the re-introduction of Polyporus squamosus
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2017-09-18 19:14:44 PDT (-0700)

For the nomeclature of our British Columbia collections and postings of polypores we follow Ginns, J. 2017. Polypores of British Columbia (Fungi: Basidiomycota).
Ministry of Forests, Lands, and NR Operations, Technical Report 104. ISBN
978-0-7726-7053-3 (Print version) & ISBN 978-0-7726-7054-0 (Digital version)

That should be self-evident
By: Erlon (Herbert Baker)
2017-09-18 14:22:48 PDT (-0700)

A disservice is done to MO and its members by not providing evidence to support the reintroduction of Polyporus squamosus. MO improves due to meaningful and helpful dialogue.

Fungi don’t care how they are called!
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2017-09-18 12:40:16 PDT (-0700)


By: Erlon (Herbert Baker)
2017-05-04 08:07:54 PDT (-0700)

Why bring back Polyporus squamosus?

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