Name: Leucocoprinus cepistipes (Sowerby) Pat.


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By: Erlon (Herbert Baker)
2017-07-17 06:39:28 WAT (+0100)

I do the MO community a service by providing information based on carefully considered qualitative and quantitative data. Along with my personal research, I rely on the recommendations of other well respected mycologists, and the guidelines of the ICBN.

I’m not the first person to use the specific epithet cepistipes, take a look at the synonym list here on MO. I think even Sowerby used both forms of the name eventually.

The connecting vowel should be – i -, not – ae -

Root: cepa, cepae, caepa = onion

Compound names:
cepifolius= onion-like leaves
cepiformis= onion-shaped
cepivorum= onion-devourer
cepistipes= onion-stalk

Art 60G.1. A name or epithet that combines elements derived from two or more Greek or Latin words should be formed, as far as practicable, in accordance with classical usage. This may be stated as follows (see also Rec. 60G Note 1):
(a) In a regular compound, a noun or adjective in non-final position appears as a compounding form generally obtained by
(1) removing the case ending of the genitive singular (Latin ae, -i, -us, -is; transcribed Greek -ou, -os, -es, -as, -ous and its equivalent -eos) and
(2) before a consonant, adding a connecting vowel ( -i
for Latin elements, o for Greek elements).
60G.Ex.1. The epithet meaning “having leaves like those of Quercus” is quercifolia (Querc-, connecting vowel i, and ending folia).
60G.Ex.2. The epithet “aquilegifolia”, derived from the name Aquilegia must, under Art. 60.8, be changed to aquilegiifolia (Aquilegi
, connecting vowel i, and ending -folia).

two different words
By: Leighton Bankes (paducahovoids)
2017-07-16 18:38:32 WAT (+0100)
You do Sowerby a disservice and you took a meaningful name and made it meaningless.

Ok here is the issue, cepi, in latin means " I have captured, I have seized"
cepae means “onion” for the onion stalked lepiota, so you have substituted the word onion for the word captured
cepae-stipes onion stalked
cepi-stipes captured stalk

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