Name: Coprinellus sect. Micacei (Fr.) D.J. Schaf.
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Status: Accepted

Name: Coprinellus sect. Micacei

Author: (Fr.) D.J. Schaf.

Citation: (Fr.) D.J. Schaf., Field Mycology 11(2) (2010)

Deprecated Synonyms: Coprinellus micaceus group

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Basidiocarps medium-sized, somewhat fleshy, pale ochre, rust or cinnamon; stipe 3-10 mm wide; veil made up of very small, scattered, granular flocks, not covering entire pileus when young, microscopically of (sub)globose, hyalin, thin-walled cells, not in chains; pileus subglobose to ovoid, only tardily expanding to campanulate (subsect. Micacei (Fr.) Uljé & Noordel.).


1. Stipe smooth, caulocystidia absent; spores ellipsoid or ovoid.
2. Pileus rather pale ochre-brown C. truncorum
2. Pileus usually real ochre-brown, rust C. saccharinus
1. Stipe pruinose, caulocystidia present; spores ovoid or mitriform.
3. Pleurocystidia abundant, oblong; spores ovoid C. pallidissimus
3. Pleurocystidia absent or very scarce and then only near lamellae-edge; spores ovoid or (sub)mitriform.
4. Veil dark pinkish brown; spores ovoid or submitriform C. rufopruinatus
4. Veil pale, whitish, cream or ochre; spores distinctly mitriform C. micaceus


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By: Alan Rockefeller (Alan Rockefeller)
2015-12-14 15:47:06 CST (-0500)

This is valid….forgot to uncheck the “Desaprobar el siguientes sinonimos” box when approving Coprinellus micaceus group.

Was this name ever published?
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2015-04-15 11:24:54 CDT (-0400)

Who is the author of Coprinellus sect. Micacei name (new combination, I assume) and where and when it was published?

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