Name: Boletaceae Chevall.
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Rank: Family
Status: Accepted
Name: Boletaceae
Author: Chevall.
Deprecated Synonym(s): Boletaceae chevall, Boletus group, Boleteace, Young Bolete, Boletes, Boletus unknown
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Dmitar posted this for observation 8871.

The five rules of collecting Boletes:

1) SPORE PRINT COLOR – please always make a careful observation of
that – this does the HEAVY LIFTING down to Genus for you. PINK,
CINNAMON, OLIVE, etc. Then you know whether’ you’re dealing with
Tylopilus, Leccinum, Boletus and so forth…

2) DISCOLORATION reactions – observe carefully
a) On sponge
b) On stipe
c) On context

3) TASTE – some Tylopili (mainly) are bitter. This can be a
huge factor when comparing similarly looking brownish/tan species.

4) MACROCHEMICAL reactions – you don’t need much. Just NAHO4 and
KOH do most of the heavy lifting in this group. Use them, make
notes and photos.

5) SLICE them – other than the context discoloration, in the case
of Gyroporus you may see a hollow stipe – that does your id right

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By: Davide Puddu (Davide Puddu)
2015-03-23 19:14:33 CDT (-0400)

stipe is also important and observing the ornamentation of it is the first thing to do, in my opinion.Spore print vary very little in the majority of Boletaceae and a non expert eye may not tell the difference.

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