Name: Russula elaeodes (Bres.) Romagn. ex Bon
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Russula elaeodes

Author: (Bres.) Romagn. ex Bon

Citation: Docums Mycol. 13(no. 50): 27 (1983)

Preferred Synonyms: Russula clavipes Velen., Russula pseudo-olivascens Kärcher

Deprecated Synonyms: Russula nuoljoae, Russula xerampelina var. elaeodes Bres.


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Russulales

Family: Russulaceae

Genus: Russula

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More on Russula clavipes and related species from sect. Xerampelinae
By: I. G. Safonov (IGSafonov)
2016-05-06 02:05:25 EDT (-0400)

See As it was published after Kaercher’s opus, it’s probably the most recent treatment of the subject matter.

Can I see light at the end of tunnel?
By: I. G. Safonov (IGSafonov)
2016-05-06 01:45:47 EDT (-0400)

On p. 174 of Kaercher’s paper, the descriptions of R. pseudoolivascens Kaercher sp. nov. lists three synonyms. The key point is that his new species is not the same as R. elaeodes (Bres.) Romagn. ex Bon 1983.

Now, scroll down to p.181 and see the flow chart. I cannot read German either, but it’s pretty clear that according to Herr Dr. Kaercher, R. pseudoolivascens sp. nov., R. clavipes Velen. 1920 and R. elaeodes (Bres.) Romagn. ex Bon 1983 are three separate species. Furthermore, the current name for the latter one is R. schaefferi. Does any of this makes sense? Let me know.

Bart Buyck may not wish to get involved in this mess, but he might know the answer. Do you think we find any of these European species in the USA to begin with, and will we ever find out given the current state of affairs of the taxonomy and phylogeny of North American Russulas? If not, then let’s leave it to the Europeans to sort this mess out because it’s not our fight. :-)

Study nature, not books! Frederick Clements
By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-05-06 01:31:53 EDT (-0400)

I believe that your Russulas do not care how they are called. I have already questioned several times if the Preferred Synonyms are a double negative or a pleonasm. MO users should not care at all, since, if they are like Oluna and me, they use Idex/Species Fungorum as the naming standard. In this particular taxon, it is interesting that Russula clavipes & Russula pseudo-olivascens_ are preferred synonyms of each other. You should tackle nomenclature problems only after you addressed taxonomical problems of that particular group. Meanwhile, please pay some attention to Oluna’s suggetion and replace Observer Preferred field with User’s Original ID. Adolf

It gets worse
By: Joe Cohen (Joseph D. Cohen)
2016-05-06 00:47:34 EDT (-0400)

At the moment:
MO has Russula elaeodes (Bres.) Romagn. ex Bon, no citation.

MB has Russula elaeodes (Bres.) Bon, Documents Mycologiques 13 (50): 27 (1983) [MB#282192].
MB says this name is legitimate.
MB synonymizes it with (among other things) Bres, and Russula clavipes Velen., Ceske Houby 1: 143 (1920)
But the MB entry for Russula clavipes Velen. lists only R. clavipes Velen. as a synonym (and not R. elaeodes).

IF/SF has — as you pointed out — two records.
R. elaeodes (Bres.) Romagn. ex Bon is synonymous with (among other things) R. pseudo-olivascens Kärcher and R. xerampelina var. elaeodes Bres, but not R. clavipes Velen.
R. elaeodes sensu auct.; fide Checklist of Basidiomycota of Great Britain and Ireland is synonomous with R. clavipes Velen.
MB has a record for R. pseudo-olivascens, which has no synonyms.

And what I can make out (I don’t understand German), Kärcher’s article publishing R. pseudo-olivascens as a “spec. nov.” synonomizes R. pseudo-olivascens with R. clavipes Velen, R. clavipes, R. elaeodes, and R. xerampelina var. elaeodes.

So depending on whom you believe, there are one or two species, whose synonymy varies from nothing to every relevant name, with stops in between.

Why would Bart Buyck want to get involved with this mess??

For purposes of MO, I will leave the broad synonymy for now, with comments or notes in all the names. My though is that this makes it easier for users to notice the issue and choose the name they think is right. Of course, I’m very far from an expert on taxonomy or nomenclature, so feel free to change the MO treatment if you want.

By: I. G. Safonov (IGSafonov)
2016-05-05 23:49:40 EDT (-0400)

This naming/synonymy business has been driving me insane. I’ve been updating NJMA’s herbarium with new names (over a thousand species and almost three thousand accession numbers). In most cases, it’s a straightforward process, but occasionally, like the case of R. elaeodes you brought into light, it gets very messy because IF/SF and MB don’t always agree.
According to MB, R. clavipes and R. pseudo-olivascens are two different species. To make matters worse, Russula News has the following “ruling” on R. elaeodes:
Hence, I am not entirely comfortable with MO’s notion that these two are synonymous with R. elaeodes.
A question for Bart Buyck?

Two IF/SF entries
By: Joe Cohen (Joseph D. Cohen)
2016-05-05 23:28:47 EDT (-0400)

Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t noticed it.

I’m trying to get the MO synonyms “right”. At the moment both R. clavipes and R. pseudo-olivacens are MO Preferred synonyms of R. elaeodes. The two IF/SF entries make me think that’s right.

What do you think?

IF/SF vs. MB
By: I. G. Safonov (IGSafonov)
2016-05-05 23:20:00 EDT (-0400)

IF/SF has two records for R. elaeodes:
Russula elaeodes sensu auct., (also see Species Fungorum: Russula clavipes);
Russula elaeodes (Bres.) Romagn. ex Bon 1983, (also see Species Fungorum: Russula pseudo-olivascens)

IF vs MB
By: Joe Cohen (Joseph D. Cohen)
2016-05-05 23:04:45 EDT (-0400)

Current name:
per index Fungorum Russula pseudo-olivascens Kärcher [as ‘pseudoolivascens’] 2002
per MycoBank Russula clavipes Velen., Ceske Houby 1: 143 (1920)

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