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Name: Panaeolus rubricaulis Petch

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Rank: Species
Status: Accepted
Name: Panaeolus rubricaulis
Author: Petch

Classification: Edit

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Psathyrellaceae
Genus: Panaeolus

Brief Description: See More | Edit

Translated from Gerhardt, E. (1996). Taxonomische Revision der Gattungen Panaeolus und Panaeolina (Fungi, Agaricales, Coprinaceae). Bibliotheca Botanica 147: 1-149.

- 1-2 (4) cm wide, conical-campanulate, convex,
- With veil remnants (similar to P. papilionaceus)
- Dry, glabrous or rugose at apex
- Hygrophanous; brown to gray-black when moist distinctly hygrophanous, lighter edge
- Black or gray
- with lighter gill edge
- relatively distant
- Up to 100 × 2 mm, cylindrical, reddish brown to purple-brown
- Frosted with white; tomentose

- 12- 15 × 9-10( 11) x 7-8 ) microns, smooth, opaque
- Flattened germ pore just slightly brought forward (in form similar to P. cyanescens).
- Hyaline, bulbous bottle-shaped
- 30-40 × 7-8 microns, top occasionally capitate
- 20-40 microns long, spindle-to clavate-bulbous
- Sometimes with small tip
- 4-spored, about 25 microns long
- Hyaline in KOH

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Version: 2
Previous Version: 1

First person to use this name on MO: none
Editors: Byrain

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Created: 2012-07-17 22:00:04 PDT (-0700)
By: lightworkerpeace (gsharpnolack)
Summary: Unable to fix Genus and create description without Parse error

Gerhardt Key: Species of the subgenus Panaeolus, section Panaeolus

Key description:
Stem without annulus, rests of the veil visible as dentate or appendiculate margin of the cap. Sulphidia present at the side of gills (fig. 4 c); cap distinctly hygrophanous = Panaeolus rubricaulis

Panaeolus rubricaulis petch 1925

Synonyms: Panaeolus indicus, Panaeolus campanuloides.

Distribution: Asia (Vietnam, Sri Lanka)

Description by Gerhardt:
(After original diagnosis, petch 1925):
Pileus 1-2(4) cm wide, thimble down to conical glockig, convex, on the edge with bright, transient Velum residues (similar p. papilionaceus);

Cap skin dry, smooth, or at the top rugos; hygrophan; Colour moist Brown until grauschwarzlich, ausblassend with a lighter margin, drying.

Lamellae gray to black, with weblicher Schneidge, relatively away standing, bulge, ascending broadly grown.

Stalk up to approx. 100 × 2 mm, cylindrical; Colour reddish brown to purple brown, top web frosting, against the base web tomentose.

(Type of studies):
Spores 12-15 × 9-10(11) x 7-8 microns, smooth, opaque, clear abgeplattet Keimporus straight, slightly preferred (identical in shape and color with cyanescens).

Cheilocystidia hyaline, bulge-bottle shape, ca. 30-40 × 7-8 microns long keulig up spindelig bulbous, listeners with a small tip.

Basidia 4-spore, approximately 25 microns long.

Note: Some German translation assistance requested.


Created: 2009-12-17 16:01:04 PST (-0800) by none (not available)
Last modified: 2013-06-22 10:20:08 PDT (-0700) by Byrain
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