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Name: Morchella brunnea M.Kuo
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According to Kuo et al. 2012: “Ridges glabrous or finely tomentose; dark
brown to nearly black, blackening with maturity and when dried; flattened when young but sometimes becoming sharpened or eroded with age. Pits primarily vertically elongated; finely tomentose; pale tan to brownish yellow. Stipe 20–35 mm high; 8–15 mm wide; more or less equal, or sometimes basally subclavate; finely mealy with whitish granules; whitish; developing fine ridges, or a few folds near the base, with maturity.”


According to Kuo et al. 2012: “Appearing under hardwoods, including A. menziesii and Quercus spp.; probably also to be expected in non-burned conifer forests; April. Specimens examined (SUPPLEMENTARY TABLE I) were collected in Oregon.”

Many specimens on MO that were DNA confirmed from California and Arizona occurred under conifers as Kuo expected.

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