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Name: Ochrolechia A. Massal.
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Taxonomic Classification:

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Order: Pertusariales
Family: Ochrolechiaceae

General Description:

Common Name: Saucer Lichens

Gray, crustose lichens with large beautiful saucer or donut-shaped adnate apothecia.

Diagnostic Description:

THALLUS: gray to white, thin to thick, smooth to verrucose
APOTHECIA: rim thalline and well-developed, occ. with inner excipular ring; disc yellowish to pinkish to orangish, often broad, often pruinose
ASCI: thick-walled, K/I+ dark blue, Pertusaria-like
SPORE: 2-8 per ascus, simple, gen. more than 20 µm long, thick-walled (but thinner than Pertusaria and Varicellaria)

Look Alikes:

Pertusaria has thicker spore walls (> one sixth the total width of the spore), often in two layers, and less well-developed apothecial margins (apothecia often immersed in thalline warts).

Lecanora has smaller spores and less well-developed apothecial margins.


Corticolous species of California: (CALS Bulletin vol 3. no. 2, 1996)

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