Special thanks to Atsushi Nakajima for translating MO into Japanese!
And a warm welcome to our newest developer, Luca Pasquali!
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How to Help Make Mushroom Observer Better

This page provides a list of skills that we could really use some help with. If you’re interested in helping out just send an email and let us know what you want to do.

  • 1. Contributors

    Beyond adding pictures and descriptions of mushrooms that you’ve seen, you can make a big difference to the site by describing species or defining locations.

  • 2. Scientists

    Mention Mushroom Observer in your publications and add references to your publications.

  • 3. Developers

    We have lots of ideas about how to improve the site. The framework, Ruby on Rails, is really easy to pick up and we are more than happy to mentor anyone who wants to dive in.

  • 4. Translators

    The site is set up to support foreign languages. All we need is someone to do the translations.

  • 5. Donors

    Help support our server costs by donating to the Mushroom Observer.

  • 6. Business Planning

    So far Mushroom Observer has been an entirely volunteer effort, we have begun to make it financially sustainable as the founding resource for the non-profit Consortium for Digital Mycology Resources, but the effort is just getting so let us know if you want to get involved or have any business related advice.