Observation 105930: Amanita pseudocrocea Tulloss nom. prov.

under hemlock and a dead spruce in yard
remnants of universal veil on pileus, as a single patch, on some, but not all, of specimens
exannulate stipe
gills free in older specimens with expanded cap

NOTE: Added spore information:
spores subglobose to globose, occasionally broadly ellipsoid
9 -10.5 (13) x 8 -10 um

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By: Erlon (Herbert Baker)
2012-08-20 03:33:46 +06 (+0600)

I see no reason why you can’t do both. I know I would never shy away from a opportunity to learn something new.. If it appears to someone that your making a solution proposing a ‘could be’ in the proposal box, maybe they don’t understand how MO works. Limiting the ability to compare specimens through the search feature slows down the whole process.

After all, you have to be assuming that someone will see this one post rather then use the search feature to find it and receive your valuable lessons. Maybe they may even add something valuable of their own to the discussions due to an extensive search feature.


Steve, the spore size does seem similar
By: Ron Pastorino (Ronpast)
2012-08-20 01:46:31 +06 (+0600)

but they also fall in the range of A. pseudocrocea.
The other problem is the volval patch remnants on the cap which are supposed to be lacking on A. americrocea. The cap color and stem fibrils seem to be a better match however.

These really do look very similar, Ron,
By: Steve Roberts (Mushroom World)
2012-08-20 01:10:18 +06 (+0600)

also, I have added spore sizes to the description since the original post

A. americrocea looks pretty good to me also,
By: Ron Pastorino (Ronpast)
2012-08-20 00:38:30 +06 (+0600)
and they do look very similar to my Big Thicket collection from June.. http://mushroomobserver.org/99135 But I guess which of the suggested species these are will need much closer inspection and maybe some DNA to sort them all out.
Sometimes, it seems to me better to initiate a discussion…
By: R. E. Tulloss (ret)
2012-08-19 22:26:06 +06 (+0600)

than to provide another suggestion in the name box. I find that the latter action sometimes terminates discussions.

Terminating a discussion ends my teaching opportunity. I have a selfish interesting in carrying on “teaching dialogs” on mushroomobserver becayse I worry about the loss of morphological taxonomic knowledge in mycology. So I have consciously taken the decision to engage in conversations in some cases rather than appear to provide a solution.

Very best,


If you make a suggestion..
By: Erlon (Herbert Baker)
2012-08-19 21:14:22 +06 (+0600)

…it helps to add it to the proposal box. This makes comparing species through the search feature on MO much more efficient.

marginal striations on cap
By: Steve Roberts (Mushroom World)
2012-08-19 21:08:12 +06 (+0600)

I did notice the marginal striations weren’t as long as what the description said for A. amerifulva (1/3 of the cap if I recall). Also, I guess A. amerifulva doesn’t usually have volval remnants on the cap, whereas I see in your description for A. pseudocrocea, “volval remnants may appear as a single patch covering much of the cap’s center.” Also, isn’t the cap color in A. amerifulva typically quite a bit darker?

From your website, it looks like A. americrocea could also be a strong possibility. Would you rule that out because of geography?

I got a dandy spore print last night, and I will get a couple of these specimens in the dehydrator and sent your way, along with the other Amanita I have dried for you.


From the geography
By: R. E. Tulloss (ret)
2012-08-19 19:47:36 +06 (+0600)

and the cap color, I’d suggest “Amanita pseudocrocea” Tulloss nom. prov.

I’d love to get a specimen if you should dry one of these.

Notice how short the marginal striations are in comparison to those of “amerifulva”.


By: Steve Roberts (Mushroom World)
2012-08-19 12:12:10 +06 (+0600)

I guess I need to retool my thinking on this one. Thanks for sharing!!

Are all mycologists up this late?

This is
By: walt sturgeon (Mycowalt)
2012-08-19 11:57:12 +06 (+0600)

one of the species passing as Amanita crocea in North America.

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