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Comment added by jason: Almost-toothed or crown-like rim
9 years ago, 2009-04-27
Comment added by jason: leucophlebia group
9 years ago, 2009-04-27
[:log_naming_created(name=“Entoloma sp.”,user=“Amanita virosa”)]
9 years ago, 2009-04-27
2009-04-23: morkthedelayer
Comment added by morkthedelayer: Unfortunately I don’t have a microscope. I can check out nearby trees though.
9 years ago, 2009-04-27
2008-10-17: Noah Siegel (Noah)
Image destroyed.
2 years ago, 2016-12-28
Deprecated by admin in favor of Armillaria tabescens.
9 years ago, 2009-04-26
2009-04-25: matthewfoltz
Observation updated by matthewfoltz.
5 years ago, 2013-07-13
Comment added by Gerhard: As there are so much more in N.America
9 years ago, 2009-04-26