Activity Log

2019-12-23: Pgrunow
Proposed name created by Pgrunow: Clitocybe subconnexa Murrill
19 hours ago
2020-01-18: aarongunnar
Comment added by jason: I think the way the rims are breaking down
20 hours ago
Location Created by Joseph D. Cohen
21 hours ago
Location updated by Joe Cohen.
21 hours ago
2019-10-09: shroomlock
Proposed name created by shroomlock: Leratiomyces ceres (Cooke & Massee) Spooner & Bridge
22 hours ago
Proposed name created by Dave W: Lactifluus volemus (Fr.) Kuntze
22 hours ago
2012-09-22: Dave W (Dave W)
Comment added by Dave W: My initial motivation…
22 hours ago
Observation Destroyed
23 hours ago