Glossary Term: Spore Print

1. A spore print is a gathering of many, many spores ejected from the gills, pores (or spore-bearing surface). Although spores are individually invisible to the unaided eye, when hundreds of thousands or millions of spores appear in a spore print, they leave a color which is taxonomically helpful.

Here’s how to make a spore print:

✘ Tear off a piece of aluminum foil.
✘ Using a knife or scissors, remove the stem of a freshly harvested mushroom.
✘ Place the cap onto the aluminum foil with the gills or pores facing the foil.
✘ Get a freshly cleaned clear drinking glass that can fit nicely over and around the cap – and place it there.
✘ Wait roughly 24 hours and do not remove the glass.
✘ After 24 hours approximately you should now have a good spore print.

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