Glossary Term: Growth Habit


1. Definition pending.
2. The general quantity, pattern, and distance between specimens in which a collection of fungi are found growing. There are several terms used to fulfil this aspect of a mushroom’s development including Solitary, Cespitose, Gregarious, Numerous, Imbricate, Ring-Like (Circular Fairy Ring), Etc..

A. Solitary: A single specimen growing alone.
B. Cespitose (Clustered, Connate, Fasciculate): Growing in clusters, clumps, or tufts. Growing in dense clusters, with the stems fused together or packed right up against one another at the base.
C. Subcespitose (Subcaespitose):
1. With stems nearly attaching together but not quite cespitose.
2. Slightly spaced out but near to a cespitose gathering.
D. Gregarious (Troop): Growing in numerous groupings and scattered closely but not clustered together (i.e. not cespitose).
E. Subgregarious:
F. Imbricate: Tiled. Partly covering one another like the tiles on a roof.
G. Ring-Like (Circular Fairy Ring): A naturally occurring ring or circle of mushrooms.
H. Numerous:
J. To Be Developed

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