Glossary Term: emend.

1. Abbreviation for Emendavit.
2. Sometimes a taxon was validly named but imperfectly defined; in this case, the word emend is used, followed by the name of the person who cleaned it up.
3. When an alteration as mentioned in ICN Art. 47 has been considerable, the nature of the change may be indicated by adding such words, abbreviated where suitable, as “emendavit” (emend.) followed by the name of the author responsible for the change, “mutatis characteribus” (mut. char.), “pro parte” (p. p.), “excluso genere” or “exclusis generibus” (excl. gen.), “exclusa specie” or “exclusis speciebus” (excl. sp.), “exclusa varietate” or “exclusis varietatibus” (excl. var.), “sensu amplo” (s. ampl.), “sensu lato” (s. l.), “sensu stricto” (s. str.), etc.

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