Glossary Term: Sulphidia

(Singular = Sulphidium, Plural = Sulphidia)

1. Pleurocystidium that have a yellowish coloration (similar to that of of a chrysocystidium). So far this term has been used extremely infrequently. E. Gerhardt, in his monograph on Panaeolus (Taxonomische revision der gattungen Panaeolus und Panaeolina, Bibliotheca Botanica 47, 1996), defines sulphidia as follows (translation from German): “There are pleurocystidia, so far called chrysocystidia but not matching this definition as they do not stain yellow with KOH (unlike Stropharia and Hypholoma), but they are yellowish from the very beginning or keep uncolored. They become a beautiful red wine in sulphovanillin (sulfo-vanillin, sulpho-vanillin), consequently they are called sulphidia.” The stain patent blue may be useful as an alternative to sulphovanillin. Use the full, appropriate level of caution when working with either of these solutions, especially sulphovanillin.

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