Glossary Term: Muscimol

1. Definition pending.
2. Muscimol is one of the principal psychoactive constituents of Amanita muscaria and related species of mushroom. Muscimol is a potent, selective agonist for the GABA-A receptors and displays sedative-hypnotic, depressant, and hallucinogenic psychoactivity. This colorless or white solid is classified as an isoxazole.
3. It has a role as a fungal metabolite, a GABA agonist and a psychotropic drug. It is a member of isoxazoles, a primary amino compound and an alkaloid.
4. Muscimol is a GABA-A receptor agonist that temporarily inactivates neurons by mimicking the inhibitory neural effects of GABA.
5. Although both muscimol and ibotenic acid are present in mushrooms, muscimol is produced by spontaneous decarboxylation of ibotenic acid that can occur during dehydration of the mushroom, digestion in the stomach, or after absorption in a variety of tissues.

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