Glossary Term: Pileocystidia

(Singular = Pileocystidium, Plural = Pileocystidia)
Abbreviated “pc”

(Not the same as Pilocystidia according to two authors, however many others consider pilocystidia to be identical to pileocystidia). Sterile cell (cystidium) on the surface of the cap, but not including the outer margin (perimeter) of the cap (circumcystidia). Sometimes the hyphae that makes up the pileipellis has ends that are odd in some way and this doesn’t make them pileocystdia. Pileocystidia are separate cystidia-like cells. Cystidia located on the pileipellis. Instead of capturing images of pileocystidia, which most mushrooms do not have, you can simply capture the image of the top area of the pileipellis and label it as “pileipellis.” In a comparatively few species, single-celled elements stand more or less erect on the pileus surface. These terminal cells, called pileocystidia, are differentiated, and they may be distinguished morphologically from a mere hyphal tip (Source –

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