Glossary Term: Autonym

The automatically established name of a subdivision of a genus or of an infraspecific taxon that includes the type of the adopted, legitimate name of the genus or species, respectively. Its final epithet repeats unaltered the generic name or specific epithet and is not followed by an author citation (ICN Art. 22.1 and 26.1). Autonyms need not be effectively published nor comply with the provisions for valid publication (ICN Art. 32.1), they are automatically established, at any given rank, by the first instance of valid publication at that rank of a name of a subdivision of a genus under a legitimate generic name or of a name of an infraspecific taxon under a legitimate species name (ICN Art. 22.3 and 26.3). [Autonyms are not allowed under illegitimate names of genera or species (ICN Art. 22.5 and 27.2); nor do they exist above the rank of genus.]

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