Glossary Term: Gill Cross Section

A gill cross section is a special area of examination removed from a basidiomycete. Here are the steps to perform a gill cross section:
A. Take a freshly harvested mushroom and gently remove the stem with thumbnail and forefinger
B. Set the cap down (gill-side down as if taking a spore print) on piece of clean paper
C. Using a fresh razor blade, make a thin, top-to-bottom slice and discard this first slice (sometimes you will have to do this two, three, even four times depending on the cap shape so you can actually get to the gills)
D. Once you see that the gills are perfectly within super-thin-slice reach, make the actual incision to obtain the gill cross section
E. Lay this gill cross section down flat (on a microscope slide) on its side, mount in 3% KOH, and place a slide cover over it without crushing it and examine under the microscope.

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