Glossary Term: Homonym

1. A name spelled exactly like another name published for a taxon at the same rank based on a different type.
2. A name spelled exactly like an earlier valid name (regardless of whether this is legitimate or illegitimate), or confusingly closely spelled. You can and should use MycoBank and Index of Fungi or Index Fungorum to check for earlier potential fungal homonyms and also Index Kewensis and other sources via the International Plant Names Index or Tropicos or AlgaeBase for many botanical names. Check Index Nominum Genericorum to ensure the generic name in which you are publishing your species, is uniquely fungal. If there are other valid ‘botanical’ homonyms at the generic rank, consider that there is the potential for you to create a later homonym at the species rank to a species in that other genus. You should check Genbank and also the internet in general for any such uses regardless of whether they are valid or legitimate.

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