Location: Las Tablas Protected Zone, La Amistad International Park, Coto Brus Canton, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica
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North: 9.08632°
West: -83.0226°
East: -82.7113°
South: 8.88641°
Highest Elevation: 3000.0 meters
Lowest Elevation: 1200.0 meters

Notes: from http://www.govisitcostarica.com/region/city.asp?cID=450:

As part of La Amistad National Park, Las Tablas Protected Zone, is home to one of the world’s most biologically diverse places. The area is also part of the UNESCO declared area of La Amistad Biosphere as part of its world heritage list. The place protects the flora and fauna found in the area of Costa Rica that borders Panama. The Las Tablas Protected Zone was created in 1981 and has since become a refuge for some of Costa Rica’s wildlife. The area is among the country’s 32 protected zones. Aside from a heritage site, La Amistad Park is also an international peace park, whose management is shared by Costa Rica and its neighbor, Panama. La Amistad is part of the UNESCO’s list of places where travelers should head for when visiting Costa Rica.

Located at San Vito de Coto Brus in Puntarenas, the protected zone has drawn its share of nature lovers, environmental enthusiasts, and adveturous travelers. Las Tablas Protected Zone extends to almost 50,000 acres and has a university research facility aimed at studying local flora and fauna. Aside from scientific ventures, Las Tablas Protected Zone also offers several nature-oriented activities to its guests.

Almost all of Las Tablas’ area covers is a protected zone. The area is set in a high altitude, creating a conducive environment for flora and fauna to thrive. Arboreal delights are abound in Las Tablas Protected Zone, as the place is abundant in oak trees. The area is also rich with the lauraceae, which is the quetzal’s main source of food. With food supplies readily available in the area, the famous colorful bird the quetzal is easily spotted in the Las Tablas Protected Zone. The lower areas of Las Tablas Protected Zone also have several palm trees.

As part of a tropical country, Las Tablas Protected Zone is a very wet area. It has rivers that provide the water supply of residents in the nearby San Vito region.

Those who want to explore Las Tablas need to ready themselves up for a rough and tumble sort of journey, as the area is not readily accessible. The trip to this splendid area, however, is worth it. Visitors would have to take a dirt road that joins San Vito, La Lucha, and Las Tablas. At the end of the journey, visitors to this rugged terrain would be treated to the majestic feel and sight of Costa Rican forests.


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