Location: Georgia
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User who defined this location: Zero
Editors: Joseph D. Cohen

North: 43.5866°
West: 39.9792°
East: 46.7361°
South: 41.0549°

Notes: This is the location for the European country Georgia. For the US state, use
Georgia, USA


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Thanks for noticing the problem
By: Joseph D. Cohen (Joe Cohen)
2018-11-14 11:29:18 PST (-0800)

Thank you for calling attention to this problem.
I fixed the bounding box for Georgia.
If you continue to have problems using this Location, please use the “Send a Comment” link (https://mushroomobserver.org/observer/ask_webmaster_question) to send email to the webmasters.

Georgia is a country, not a state
By: Sandro (dzaocom)
2018-11-14 09:24:21 PST (-0800)

I want to add my country – Georgia to the location database, however name “Georgia” is already taken for US state. There is also another location created with a name “Georgia, USA” which is the correct format for naming a state of the country. However, naming just state without mentioning USA is incorrect. Because of this, I can not edit this location and even create a new one with “(country)” included in name, since it does not meet the requirements. So it’s really hard for me to add new observations without including country in the location section. I hope someone responsible for editing location database would consider my case and take appropriate actions.

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