Location: Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp., Macomb Co., Michigan, USA
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User who defined this location: Huafang
Editors: Jason Hollinger, I. G. Safonov, Joseph D. Cohen

North: 42.7849°
West: -83.126°
East: -83.0561°
South: 42.7043°

Notes: http://www.metroparks.com/parks/stony-creek-metropark/
Park is in Macomb Co. and Oakland Co.

[admin – 2018-04-14 14:51:18 +0000]: Merged with Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Township, Michigan, USA: North: 42.7825, South: 42.7122, West: -83.123, East: -83.0567

[admin – 2018-04-16 14:05:07 +0000]: Merged with Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp, Michigan, USA: North: 42.7351, South: 42.7139, West: -83.1147, East: -83.0638


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By: I. G. Safonov (IGSafonov)
2018-03-12 17:20:22 CDT (-0400)

It’s a technicality and I don’t mean to be a stickler about trivialities, such as a park straddling a township line… Who cares what township it is as long as your collections fall into the precise area circumscribed by the green box on the map. :-) Never mind, sorry to have bothered you with this.

I’m sorry that I don’t really understand
By: Huafang
2018-03-11 22:43:39 CDT (-0400)

Very few of my observations have GPS coordinates. When my camera battery went dead I used cellphone, those GPS coordinates came from cellphone. All my Stony Creek observations are in the boundary of Stony Creek Metropark. Are you thinking that I might make mistakes on my location? Or MO has some policy regarding location that I should know?

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