Location: Cabin Cove, Haywood Co., North Carolina, USA
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User who defined this location: Jason Hollinger
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North: 35.6627°
West: -83.0598°
East: -83.0384°
South: 35.6462°
Highest Elevation: 1400.0 meters
Lowest Elevation: 850.0 meters

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Public Description (Default)Edit

General Description:

This is just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, on the other side of White Oak Mountain from Cataloochee Creek. Private land.

Habitat Description:

Cove forest of varying age. Some open fields kept clear. Some regenerating forests, maybe 10-20 years old. Eastern white pine plantation, maybe 20 years old. Older hardwood forests, anywhere from 30 to 100 years old. Few remnants of forest that were never cleared perhaps are hidden in various ravines. Slopes above the cove vary from almost south-facing and fairly dry, to north facing and enclosed in narrow gullies and essentially remain wet year-round.

Interesting Species:

Typical shady hemlock-dominated cove forest.

Typical open hardwood forest on south-facing slopes.

Rainforest deep in north-facing ravine.

Shaded, moist outcrops near top of north-facing slopes.

Sumac and goldenrod in old orchard just beginning to return to forest.

Mist rises every morning in the summer from the Waterville Lake several miles down the valley.

Slopes above the cove on a wintery day.

Location of Peltigera didactyla and Dibaeis baeomyces.

Description author: Jason Hollinger (Request Authorship Credit)


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