Location: Austin, Travis Co., Texas, USA
Version: 8
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User who defined this location: Jason Hollinger
Editors: I. G. Safonov, Joseph D. Cohen

North: 30.5169°
West: -97.9384°
East: -97.5684°
South: 30.0987°

Notes: This overlaps both Travis and Williamson Counties.

13 May 2019 — There was a location called “Austin” which pointed to San Marcos on the map. In January 2013 tootybooty changed the name to Austin without changing the geographic location on the map. I merged that old location with the existing San Marcos (which had its own problems, see that location’s notes), then created a new and correct Austin, and moved all observations at the old location that were created after the name was changed to Austin to this, the new location. Undoubtedly there are now some observations attached to the incorrect location, but I have no way of knowing which observations belong at which location at this point. At least things are correct going forward. -Jason

[admin – 2019-05-31 00:14:45 +0000]: Merged with On old oak log in my back yard. Austin, Texas, USA: North: 30.2188, South: 30.2145, West: -97.8215, East: -97.8143

[admin – 2020-05-30 20:02:41 -0400]: Merged with Quail Creek Park, Austin, Texas, USA: North: 30.3701, South: 30.3674, West: -97.7027, East: -97.7


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