Location: Jemez Mountains, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
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User who defined this location: Douglas Smith

North: 35.8662°
West: -106.46°
East: -106.392°
South: 35.8017°
Highest Elevation: 2800.0 meters
Lowest Elevation: 2300.0 meters


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Know Where you Are
By: The Chief (TheChief)
2011-09-12 17:45:31 CDT (-0400)

The location on this map appears to be within the boundaries of Bandelier National Monument. In Bandelier it is specifically prohibited to collect mushrooms. Please be aware of the land status where you pick and be aware of the rules on that land. You can find out the rules for Bandelier at


Click on the link to Superintendents Compendium then go to page 10