Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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North: 45.4912°
West: -75.9536°
East: -75.44°
South: 45.2377°
Highest Elevation: 100.0 meters
Lowest Elevation: 50.0 meters

Notes: [admin – 2013-07-03 21:19:19 +0000]: Merged with Ottawa ontario: North: 45.5322, South: 44.9627, West: -76.3539, East: -75.2466


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Large areas of greenbelt surround the central part of this city, and include some old gravel pits, marshes, and mixed, hardwood, and conifer woods. Pasture and suburban habitats also occur here, as well as golf courses.

Some spectacles to look for include Coprinus comatus in and near the Amberwood golf course and giant Morchella esculenta in parts of the Old Quarry Trail opposite Hazeldean Mall, both in the Kanata/Stittsville area.

Conservation areas with large expanses of woods are dotted along the river but the largest ones are south of town and west of Nepean.

However, the pickings in the Ottawa area seem slimmer than up in nearby Gatineau. The woods throughout the Ottawa area were heavily logged and disturbed in the 19th century and early 20th. Some “mycodiverse” spots exist in some of the conservation areas, however, and ongoing disturbance of some of the woods outside of conservation areas results in spring Ascomycete fruitings here and there.

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