Location: Franklin Co., Ohio, USA
Version: 14
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User who defined this location: Aaron

North: 40.1768°
West: -83.2187°
East: -82.7765°
South: 39.8233°


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Well, it is up to you…
By: Douglas Smith (douglas)
2010-04-22 15:57:19 CDT (-0400)

Well, you could also change the location name. Make a location for the area you are find mushrooms, and a larger area for a more general collection. It is up to you, if you are trying to keep collections separate, or together. Some people seem to want really, really specific locations, down to like a single block, or yard. But really, the locations are useful for comparisons over the range of the species, so something are large as a whole city is usually small enough.

I’ve made locations that are kinda small because I know I’ll keep going back to some specific location, and I want to keep those obs. separate from others. But otherwise, something the size of a city or county is good.

This one now looks like it could just be called Columbus, Ohio… Do we already have a Columbus Ohio defined?

By: Aaron (salisbury4573)
2010-04-22 15:34:46 CDT (-0400)

I intentionally made it that small because this is the actual location within Franklin County in which I am hunting and finding mushrooms.

I will expand it to cover the entire county.

And 4 more…