Public Description of Moquah Pine Barrens, Wisconsin, USA

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Location: Moquah Pine Barrens, Wisconsin, USA
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General Description:

Located in the Chequamegon National Forest, this unique habitat is worth finding mushrooms in.

Habitat Description:

Sandy soil, ephemeral ponds and lakes, frost pockets, the habitat is dominated by jack pine, sweetfern, sand cherry, bear berry, and waxy plants. Least chipmunks can be found here as well as upland sandpipers.

Interesting Species:

Many different interesting species can be found in the north facing slopes along roadsides and in frost pockets. Several species of fairy stools can be found here,


Weekends have fewer logging trucks on the roads. Roads can be in varying conditions as logging trucks wear heavily on them. Some roads requite four wheel drive and are sometimes so sandy, walking is a necessity.

The scent of sweetfern is well worth the visit.

Orchids and frostweed, as well as barrens only associated plants can be found here.

During summer its best to go before 10:oo or after 5:00 as it is like a hot desert during midday.

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