Public Description of Bitter Lake Playfield, Seattle, King Co., Washington, USA

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Location: Bitter Lake Playfield, Seattle, King Co., Washington, USA
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Bitter Lake Playfield is a fun neighborhood park that features lighted tennis courts, lighted ball fields, a wading pool, whirl, and play structure.

Bitter Lake was formed by the “Vashon Ice Sheet” (50,000 years ago). The lake is presently spring fed. Bitter Lake obtained its name due to the presence of tannic acid and its history as a holding pond for logs by the sawmill which was located on the west shore. In 1930 a “Playland” was developed privately consisting of amusement rides. In 1968 a Supreme Court Decision ordered a half-built apartment complex be removed from the lake area: all water oriented rights must be shared without interference among all owners of lake.


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