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Public Description of Reforestation Camp, Suamico, Wisconsin, USA

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Location: Reforestation Camp, Suamico, Wisconsin, USA
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General Description:

With almost 1,600 acres, the Reforestation Camp offers a variety of outdoor activities for every age. An observation tower allows visitors to look out over the NEW Zoo, which is located within the Reforestation Camp. Picnicking and fishing around the Camp’s many small ponds are popular summer activities. For the outdoor enthusiast, miles of scenic trails running throughout the Camp provide the opportunity for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. A playground and two rental shelter buildings are available for family gatherings and company events. In the winter months, the Reforestation Camp is a favorite winter recreation area with its miles of groomed cross-country ski and snowmobile trails. Each autumn hunters take advantage of the Brown County Rifle Range, located in the northeast portion of the Camp, to sight-in their firearms. Assistance and spotters are provided on this excellent 100-yard range.

Habitat Description:

Probably the best mushroom habitat in the Green Bay area, the place is mostly undisturbed and is made up of ash swamp, red pine, maple stands, sandy areas, ponds, streams, alder thickets, cedar and even patches of sweet fern.

Interesting Species:

One of the more interesting finds here is what I call the tennis ball or peach ball puffball. Yellow/peachy in color at first glance it is the color and size of a tennis ball. Otherwise in comparison to surrounding areas the diversity of fungi is amazing. I usually crawl at a pace of .6 mph when here because I can literally finally 40 species of fungi in a 20 foot radius in the summer.


Bring bug spray. Winter bracket fungus are good finds, however be wary of cross country skiers if you are on snowshoes.

Description author: Matt Welter (Request Authorship Credit)


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