Public Description of Blue Mound State Park, Wisconsin, USA

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Location: Blue Mound State Park, Wisconsin, USA
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General Description:

Blue Mound State Park is straddling Dane and Iowa Counties in Wisconsin. It’s a highest point in this area. In fact, there are two mounds, not just one. From the observation tower up on top, one can see Dubuque, Iowa on a good day.

Habitat Description:

Mounds composed mostly of chert, exposed in many places. They are capped by the dolomite of the Niagara Escarpment, which is only present as a leftovers in this area. Heavily forested, which creates “blue” tint to them in certain weather.

Interesting Species:

Morels can be found in the park, along with some other mushrooms typical for heavily forested areas. Lichens aren’t too good, for chert doesn’t seem to be a good host to them.


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Description author: Andrew Khitsun (Request Authorship Credit)


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