Andrew Khitsun’s Description of Cross Plains State Park, Dane Co., Wisconsin, USA

Title: Andrew Khitsun's Description (Public)
Location: Cross Plains State Park, Dane Co., Wisconsin, USA
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General Description:

This area was set aside a while ago, and is being turned into the public area, but the status of the future park is not clear yet. On some maps it appears as a State Park, but there is no signs of the State Park on the ground yet. Some land is federal, and some is owned by the state. There are indicators that the area will be an Ice Age Reserve. Presently, the Ice Age Trail is being put through the area.

Habitat Description:

The significance of this parcel of land is it’s situated right on the border between glaciated and “driftless” (unglaciated) areas of Wisconsin. This is precisely where the glacier stopped tens of thousands of 2years ago, before retreating northward.

Interesting Species:

Can contain species associated both with glaciated and unglaciated areas


Area still being developed into public-access park, but there are couple of rustic trails as well as a board with updates on the plans to add features and such.


Description author: Andrew Khitsun (Request Authorship Credit)
Description editor: Jason Hollinger


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