Andrew Khitsun’s Description of Chiwaukee Prairie State Natural Area, Wisconsin, USA

Title: Andrew Khitsun's Description (Public)
Location: Chiwaukee Prairie State Natural Area, Wisconsin, USA
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General Description:

Narrow strip of prairies and sand dunes along the Lake Michigan just south of Kenosha, WI and just north of Illinois border.

Habitat Description:

Majority of parcels are covered by different types of prairie. Northern part is called Kenosha Sand Dunes.

Interesting Species:

Sand dunes and forested areas in between are interesting from the standpoint of mushrooms and lichens.


The parcels of prairies and dunes are scattered among residential blocks, and are intermixed with them. Multiple small parking areas are available along the road. Access to dunes is from Kenosha’s Southport Park just north of the parcel. Chiwaukee Prairie is recognized as National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service.


Description author: Andrew Khitsun (Request Authorship Credit)


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