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Location: Medvednik planina, Serbia
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General Description:

Mountain Medvednik is located near the town of Valjevo (30km) and 1247 meters above sea level. It is situated in the center of the mountain range which starts near the Drina river and spreads to the west, ending in the vicinity of Belgrade.
Mountain range which Medvednik is part off, starts with Gučevo in the west, and accross Boranja, Jagodnja and Sokolska planina continues to Valjevo mountains, consisting off Medvednik (1247 m above sea level), Jablanik (1274 m above sea level), Povlen (highest peak at 1347 m above sea level), Maljen (Kraljev sto, 1104 m above sea level), and ends with Suvobor and Rajac in the east.

Medvednik got its name from the fact that this mountain from the Valjevo side is seen as a big bear that is lying down to rest. Others claim that the mountain got its name from a large number of bears that were present here, but hunted heavily which caused local extinction.

Habitat Description:

In a series of Valjevo mountains, Medvednik is the most striking mountain from a distance, with its asymmetrical silhouette that rises slightly from the east to a plateau in the middle of the massif, to suddenly collapse with steep limestone cliffs at its western end. As the last mountain in the range, its peaks in the highest part exceed 1200 meters above sea level.

The slopes are densely overgrown with beech forest , with good yields of mushrooms, and meadows with wild strawberries and medicinal herbs. Beech forest is thinning, while artificially introduced pine appears, and in the lower parts, cultural areas under raspberry and blackberry plantations are easily visible, which has a significant share in the income of the local population. The northern slopes are leaning from the east on the very close mountain Jablanik and the undulating plateaus of the upper basin of the river Jablanica.

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