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Public Description of Lafayette Moraga Regional Trail, Contra Costa Co., California, USA

Title: Public Description
Location: Lafayette Moraga Regional Trail, Contra Costa Co., California, USA
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General Description:

One of the trails of the East Bay Regional Park District.These paved
trails go through cities and along major streams and channels. Access
is by foot, bicycle, horseback, or even in-line skating.
Established in 1972, this trail was designated largely along utility
rights-of-way in cooperation with the cities of Lafayette and
Moraga, the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, the EBMUD,
and Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Connecting Las Trampas Ridge to the Oakland hills, this trail
corridor was once used by mule trains to carry redwood from
Oakland to Sacramento. Later the lumber was carried by steam
trains. With the abandonment of the railroads, the corridor
became a utility easement and ultimately has become a paved
multi-use recreational trail.
One of the first rail-trails in California, this 60-foot wide
recreational trail corridor offers residential access, regional
connections, scenic areas and convenience to local facilities.

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