Name: Psathyrella carbonicola A.H. Sm.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Psathyrella carbonicola

Author: A.H. Sm.

Citation: Contr. Univ. Mich. Herb. 5: 31 (1941)

Synonym(s):Psathyrella pennata (Fr.) A. Pearson & Dennis

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The holotype location is Booth, Oregon – Near lake Tahkenitch.

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By: Erin Page Blanchard (CureCat)
2010-06-02 00:57:31 PDT (-0700)

P. pennata seems like it should be synonymous with P. carbonicola. The microscopic features match, and photos of the two are indistinguishable to me. Smith seems to disagree, noting:

“Fries in his various works describes the gills of Agaricus pennatus “livido fusco-nigricantibus” a feature not applying to P. carbonicola. Hence I do not accept the synonymy proposed by Kuhner & Romagnesi (1953)."

I do not think that a colour variant of the gills is nearly enough to constitute splitting two species which are otherwise indistinguishable… I also take into consideration phenotypic variation within taxa.
On the flip side, P. pennata is described from Europe, and P. carbonicola is described from the West coast, US. It would be good to compare collections of each before deciding if they are certainly the same.

It is unclear to me whether P. pennata or P. carbonicola should take presidence, or if they should even be lumped together.

IndexFungorum lists P. pennata as the preferred name over P. carbonicola:

For now, I guess I am going to call collections of this mushrooms from the West Coast, US, P. carbonicola, and European collections P. pennata.

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