Name: Podaxis africana De Villiers, Eicker & Van der Westh.
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Podaxis africana

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Author: De Villiers, Eicker & Van der Westh.

Citation: De Villiers JJ, Eicker A, Van der Westhuizen GC (1989). “A new section and two new species of Podaxis (Gasteromycetes) from South Africa”. South African Journal of Botany. 55 (2): 159–164. doi:10.1016/s0254-6299(16)31201-7.

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On termite heap: South Africa

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Podaxis africana, with a mean spore length of more than 9,5 um and a narrow, shallow distal germ pore does not fit int does not fit into either of the two existing sections of the genus. For this reason it was considered necessary to create the new section Umbricorticalis.

Microscopically P. africana is distinguished from P. pistillaris by its globose, subglobose to broadly ovoid spores, the shallow, narrow germ pore and the moderate reddish-brown to strong vivid reddish-orange capillitium with sparingly branched, flattened, and occasionally septate threads. P. africana resembles P. microporus sect. Parvispora from which it is distinguished by its large globose, subglobose to broadly ovoid spores (Figures 5 & 6), the absence of a ‘pin prick’ pore structure, the black instead of orange-brown gleba, and the inner cortex of the stipe which is deep orange to strong brown and 3-5 um thick rather than yellowish-white and 1-2 mm thick.


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