Name: Marasmiellus tricolor var. graminis (Murrill) Singer
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Rank: Variety

Status: Accepted

Name: Marasmiellus tricolor var. graminis

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Author: (Murrill) Singer


Deprecated Synonyms: Marasmius graminis Murrill, Marasmius tricolor var. graminis (Murrill) Singer

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Key from Pegler, D.N. (1988). A revision of the Agaricales of Cuba 3. Keys to families, genera and species. Kew Bulletin 43 (1): 53-75.

Basidiome marasmioid, collybioid or omphalinoid; stipe well developed, central…

Clamp-connexions present…Spores ovoid to fusoid, lacking lateral outgrowths…Spores large, more than 10 pm long…Epicutis with a distinct Rameales structure; lamellae interveined (Sect. Tricolores)

…Graminicolous; pileus pale grey; caulocystidia strongly diverticulate, with inflated apices; spores 10-12 × 4.5-8.5 um (as M. candidus p.p., see B&C: 296; I: 553; M. graminis, see Murrill 1915: 259; II: 876)

…M. tricolor (Alb. & Schw.: Fr.) Singer var. graminis (Murr.) Singer

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