Name: Pholiota velaglutinosa A.H. Sm. & Hesler
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Rank: Species

Status: Accepted

Name: Pholiota velaglutinosa

Author: A.H. Sm. & Hesler

Citation: The North American species of Pholiota: 253 (1968)


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Strophariaceae

Genus: Pholiota

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Brief Description:

Cap: 3-10 cm; convex, becoming flat with a raised margin; thickly slimy when fresh; often with small pale partial veil remnants near the margin; smooth; reddish brown, fading to brown; sometimes with a slightly streaked appearance.

Gills: Attached to the stem or beginning to run down it; close; very pale tan becoming brownish; at first covered by a slimy partial veil.

Stem: 3-10 cm long; under 1 cm thick; more or less equal; pale greenish yellow and smooth near the apex; with a flimsy and soon-disappearing, slimy ring; shaggy and off-white to yellowish or brownish below the ring; darkening to brown or reddish brown with age or handling; basal mycelium white.

Flesh: Pale greenish yellow when fresh.

Odor and Taste: Odor fragrant or not distinctive; taste mild or slightly bitterish.

Chemical Reactions: KOH flashing olive green, then resolving to grayish brown on the cap surface.

Spore Print: Brown.

Microscopic Features: Spores 6-7.5 × 4-4.5 µ; smooth; more or less elliptical; with a tiny apical pore; brownish in Melzer’s or KOH. Pleurocystidia abundant; fusoid-ventricose; walls up to 1.5 µ in the ventricose portion; up to 80 X 20 µ; contents sometimes yellowish-brownish in the upper portion. Caulocystidia fusoid-ventricose to fusiform; up to 60 X 20 µ. Pileipellis a thick (over 100 µ) gelatinous layer of filamentous hyphae 2-3 µ wide above a layer of densely packed reddish brown (in KOH), encrusted hyphae. Clamp connections present.

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