Name: Discina (Fr.) Fr.
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Name: Discina

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Author: (Fr.) Fr.

Citation: Summa veg. Scand., Section Post. (Stockholm): 348 (1849) / Fries, E.M. 1849. Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae. 2:259-572

Synonym(s):Gyromitra Fr.

Deprecated Synonyms: Pseudorhizina Jacz., Paradiscina, Maublancomyces, Fastigiella Benedix, Pleopus, Physomitra

Misspellings: Gyomitra, Gryromitra

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By: Django Grootmyers (heelsplitter)
2015-05-17 22:13:44 PDT (-0700)

Methven et al. (2013) found the type species, D. perlata to be nested within Gyromitra in a phylogenetic analysis.

Methven, A. S., Zelski, S. E., & Miller, A. N. (2013). A molecular phylogenetic assessment of the genus Gyromitra in North America. Mycologia, 105(5), 1306-1314.

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