Name: Hemimycena Singer
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Name: Hemimycena

[#17734] Index Fungorum

[#17734] MycoBank

SF Species Synonymy

Author: Singer

Citation: Revue Mycol., Paris 3: 194 (1938)

Deprecated Synonyms: Perona Pers., Hemimycena douglassmithii, Hemimycena “tiny-twisty” group, Hemimycena “ubcf26923”

Misspellings: Heminycena

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Hemimycena is a genus of agaricoid fungi with small, delicate, usually white, mostly partly pruinose to pubescent fruit bodies. Distinctive microscopic characters of the genus are inamyloid, thin-walled spores, a well-differentiated pileipellis in the form of a cutis with commonly diverticulate hyphae, and neither amyloid nor dextrinoid tissue. Most species of the genus occur in grassland communities and broad-leaved forests, more rarely in coniferous forests.


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