Name: Auricularia Bull.
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Name: Auricularia

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Author: Bull.

Citation: Bull., Hist. Champ. (1791)

Deprecated Synonyms: Hirneola

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Bulliard was the first to publish species in genus Auricularia, but he did not give a description of the genus at that time (1785). The genus was first described by Jussieu (1789) with no species ascribed, so under the current code of nomenclature this was invalid. Bulliard later validly described the genus yet attributed the genus to Jussieu. An argument could be made for the authority Juss. ex Bull., but Auricularia Bull. is technically the correct authority.

North American species:
A. mesenterica
A. americana
A. angiospermarum
A. fuscosuccinea
A. nigricans
A. scissa

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