Name: Kuehneromyces vernalis (Peck) Singer & A.H. Sm.
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Rank: Species

Status: Deprecated

Name: Kuehneromyces vernalis

Author: (Peck) Singer & A.H. Sm.


Preferred Synonyms: Kuehneromyces lignicola (Peck) Redhead

Deprecated Synonyms: Pholiota vernalis (Sacc.) A.H. Sm. & Hesler, Kuehneromyces vernalis (Sacc.) Singer & A.H. Sm., Pholiota lignicola (Peck) Jacobsson

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By: Darvin DeShazer (darv)
2011-06-15 07:48:49 JST (+0900)

Redhead, Scott A. 1984. Mycological Observations, 4-12: on Kuehneromyces, Stropharia, Marasmius, Mycena, Geopetalum, Omphalopsis, Phaeomarasmius, Naucoria and Prunulus. Sydowia 37: 246-270.

The name Kuehneromyces vernalis is not the correct name for the commoner species on coniferous wood. The change of starting dates for valid publication of fungal names back to 1753 made Agaricus vernalis Bolton (1788) valid and Agaricus vernalis Peck (1872) a later illegitimate homonym which became Naucoria vernalis Saccardo (1887), with priority dating only from 1887 (Art. 72, note 1, I. C. B. N.). Realizing that A. vernalis Peck was a later homonym, Murrill (1917 a) unnecessarily proposed the new name Naucoria praecox Murr. The earliest available name is Agaricus lignicola Peck (1872) which current authors consider to be conspecific with A. vernalis PECK (SINGER & SMITH 1946 b, SMITH & HESLER 1968).
Therefore, the name Kuehneromyces lignicola (PECK) REDHEAD comb. nov. (basionym: Agricus lignicola PECK, N. Y. State Cab., Ann. Rep. 23: 91. 1872) is proposed to replace the name K. vernalis.

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