Name: Albatrellus ellisii (Berk.) Pouzar
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Name: Albatrellus ellisii

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Author: (Berk.) Pouzar

Citation: Folia geobot. phytotax. 1: 357. 1966.

Preferred Synonyms:Scutiger ellisii (Berk.) Murrill


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Russulales

Genus: Albatrellus

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Habitat/range: On the ground under Pseudotsuga menziesii and Tsuga. In BC, known from Courtenay, Robert’s Creek, Vancouver, and Yoho National Park. Elsewhere in western North America, known from WA and ID to AZ and CA.
Basidiomata stipitate, solitary or with several stipes arising from a common base, all surfaces, especially the pore surface, staining green where bruised; stipe excentric to lateral, 8–10 × 4–5 cm, yellow; pileus 10–20 (–30) cm broad, fan-shaped, or spathulate (spoon-shaped) or depressed; pileus sur- face scaly, the colour a mixture of green, yellow, lavender to dark brown; context white, staining bluish lavender when cut, fleshy, brittle, up to 2 cm thick; tubes decurrent, 2–5 mm deep, more or less cream; pore surface white, yellow in age; pores large, 0.5–1.0 mm diameter, irregular in shape, edges usually uneven.
Hyphae 4–17 μm diameter with clamp connections, walls mostly 1–4 μm thick, not amyloid to weakly amyloid; basidiospores 8–10 × 5.4–7.2 μm, ellipsoid to ovoid (nearly teardrop-shaped).
Notes: Albatrellus pes-caprae (Pers.) Pouzar (Goat’s foot) is very similar to A. ellisii and occurs infrequently in western North America (Washington, Oregon, and California) but has not been found in British Columbia. The brown pileus and lack of green staining in A. pes-caprae distinguishes it from A. ellisii. Albatrellus skamanius (Murrill) Pouzar (from southern Washington; has not been found in British Columbia) is distinguished by its yellow pores and glabrous to suede-like, brown pileus surface.

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