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Rank: Genus

Status: Accepted

Name: Suillus

Author: Gray

Citation: Nat. Arr. Brit. Pl. (London) 1: 646 (1821)

Deprecated Synonyms: “Slippery Jack", Suillus viscidus f. “unknown”, Slippery, Suillus (slippery jack)

Misspellings: Siullus, Sulillus, Slippery jack (Suillus granulatus), Sillus, Suillu

Notes on Taxonomy: [Edit]

Type species:
Suillus luteus (L.) Roussel (1806)

Brief Description:

Boletoid fruitbodies. With or without a partial veil (sometimes cottony, sometimes viscid or elastic-membranous (sometimes leaving tissue at cap margin and thus appendiculate). Cap dry or strongly viscid, smooth to strongly fibrillose or scaly. Hymenium as tubes with pores that often appear somewhat radially elongated/radially arrange, mouths often slightly angular or irregular in appearance. Stipe with or without small, slimy glandular dots. Spore print olive-brown.

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By: Oluna & Adolf Ceska (
2016-05-05 22:46:29 CDT (-0400)

We don’t have a single Suillus posting on Mushroom Observer. Unbelievable.
Oluna asks me, “Where did they get lost?” Adolf

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