Name: Antrodia albida (Fr.) Donk
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Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Fungi

Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Polyporales

Family: Fomitopsidaceae

Genus: Antrodia

Species: Antrodia heteromorpha
  (= Antrodia albida)

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Sanctioned by Fries.

Habitat/range: On hardwoods, infrequently on conifers, causing a brown rot. In BC, known from two collections on Alnus in Kelowna and Populus in Quesnel. Elsewhere in western North America, known from AK and YT south to CA and NM.Basidiomata annual, pileate, reflexed or effuse; pileus rarely over 3 cm wide, tough, some as numerous imbricate pilei 8 cm or more wide with decurrent pores; pileus surface white to cream, matted tomentose, becoming zonate with concentric, alternating glabrous zones; context white, tough, rarely
Antrodia 44
Antrodia albobrunnea
(romell) ryvarden
Antrodia alpina
(litsch.) gilb. & ryvarden
over 3 mm thick; tubes white, up to 1.5 cm deep; pore surface white, cream to ochreous; pores variable, round to angular, 1–3 per millimetre, on vertical surfaces sinuous and so elongated as to appear lamellate.
Generative hyphae 2–5 μm diameter, walls thin to thick; skeletal hyphae 3–6 μm diameter; basidiospores cylindrical to narrowly ellipsoid, 10– 14 × 3.5–5.0 μm.
Notes: The large basidiospores of A. albida and A. heteromorpha distinguish- es them from other Antrodia species on hardwoods. Antrodia heteromor- pha is distinguished by its context, which is typically 3–6 mm thick, and its basidiospores, which are 5–7 μm wide.

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Spirin et al, 2013: “What is Antrodia sensu stricto?” –

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